Wednesday, August 4, 2010

13ers, Old flumes, and campin out!

Jeremy, Lubes and i headed up to Jones pass for a little hike a bike action!

Wildflowers on the way up!

did i mention hike a biking

oh, and there was some hike a bike

but to get to the top, Oh man! My first 13er and to ride, push and eventually carry my bike to the high point of 13,215' was amazing!

Even the Goat had to carry his bike

Overlooking butler gulch

Yep, here's our descent!

Side tour to Herman Lake

Just set up camp this past weekend and cody comes back "guys there's moose over here! "

3 Moose, luckily no bull!

On o the CT what a lovely climb up towards Georgia pass, but todays ride was only going to about 10,900' to the flume trails of Spikes adventures.

Followed the flume trail a bit and our pass was running short, since it was a family camping trip. So we made our way down the south fork and back to camp.

Andy enjoyed these trails!

And even some bushwacking through swamp could not dampen our spirits!

Some downtime, with light rain hitting the tent- one night before the real shit hit! non-stop

What a mean dad! making my kids hike!

Somehow they always find a way to build a fort. If you find yourself in need of some shelter, just off the CT after crossing the middle fork this would make a nice place to spend the night. Some great effort was put in by my kids and their friends!

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