Friday, August 27, 2010

I knew kids were fast!

Few posts ago i mentioned riding with bryce and Ryan his brother, both from Missouri.

Got an email that Bryce raced his first SS race the Missouri singlespeed championships and there were 66 riders in all - he hoped for a top 10 ended up getting 2nd place! way to go bryce!

Now i know there seems to be a theme about age and fastness! as i raced my second 24hr race rage in the sage. I bettered all my lap times from the previous race. and had the fastest av. lap time on our team. Which i felt pretty damn good about. 12 SS 4 man teams this year two years ago there were 3. We got 9th out of the 12. Crazy fast ssers out there. I believe i was the only one riding a rigid 69er!!

Ryan rockin the hawaiian kit!
ryans gf hangin out waiting for his return somewhere near 3:00 am maybe, not sure. My 4th lap was approx 4:00 am and it was brisk but it felt really good! no music this lap just pedals turning and the smell of sage! I hate phil ligget's term "he's in the pain cave now" as this played over and over in my weary head. I had some killer heart burn reflux shit that would not go away all night and during riding was not a problem but any downtime that should have bee for sleeping was not happening!

Another fast dude and only a mere 15 yrs old Noah Talley turned in a 50:16 lap time which was the fastest and i believe turned in the fastest night lap in his first 24 hr race just proves that age and speed kind of go together! Jay let me rock the new and improved Amoeba on the helmet and this thing is sick, not that the old was bad but this thing is wider and brighter and is said to go a 3.5hr on the same batt. maybe i'll have to upgrade!! ;)

But for this 41yr old this year was a victory for me!

thanks for checking in....

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