Sunday, August 15, 2010

One week left!

Till 24hrs. in the Sage!
I have got in quite a few "training rides" well not really training just riding maybe at a slightly higher pace than my normal pace. Found a map where to meet up with Andy C. at 3 sis.

a 1x1 sighting! and bad andy bringing up the rear!

A short hike with a tired lab - will return to this trail again sometime for a longer exploration. and maybe do a little bouldering.

t.i.t.s. ride was a trip to the cone! Centennial Cone. With a group of 5 rollin later into the evening with a couple mechanicals than planned. Brought us a treat of the persian meteor showers at the TH. on a clear night it was a real treat.

Rick- aka Yo-retro.
Funrover showin no fear

Andy K. aka slowbogey leavin all that shit behind him and gettin strong!
Nice pic Jeremy took at centennial cone!

No pics from today but wanted a solid ride in closer to home so i opted out of the ride that will soon be posted here! Ol mGe! So had a few of us up to buff creek (i know i know evil mGe!) but we put in a good loop including green mtn. I stomped up shinglemill not stopping till the CT and waited a bit for the others. Wanted to test the legs and not a super fast climber i was more than pleased with the way i felt! Rick, mark, john and chris made it up and we toured the finer trails of bc. Hockey season is on as well as vball for my teens which means " conditioning camp" for both and tryouts for both gonna be fun!

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