Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Jack?

23 months in the making! Put the golden spike in Saturday! Along with 20 folks including a few from the USFS along our sides working! Official ribbon cutting!

perfect conditions to build trail! --then ride!

I hauled a few to the top of Raspberry Ridge for a celebratory toast- of which people were appreciative of a cold pbr!

Jason had a miscalc. which led to a second attempt- nailed it!

This is one of the long rollers that i actually rode
ok there were a few- but on to the real shit- i was walkin! not in me today!

I think Jeremy had his suspension dialed in! doh!

But did you see my new jersey??!!
i'm just gonna take a nap!
Some stellar terrrain here!!

a few pictures nabbed from here:

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