Friday, April 22, 2011


Headed to the desert for some spring bread fun a few weeks ago. That is a 26" bike- FS Reign he loved it!
Slickrock in the eve is a wonderful place to be!
Cody and i hittin some of the sovereign trail.
katelyn on the practice loop

Doesnt get much better!
no trouble on this bike- except he wouldn't let me ride it! ;)

Picture below- look familiar? - just taken 3 years earlier
Went for the Hummer tour- something we would not normally do- but it was good times!! Crazy what you can do on slickrock!

Back to the practice loop- for some more riding!
Kids rocked the gopro for a bit each.

t.i.t.s night rides are still on! Just a little random lately- until this spring hockey is over.

Few bc trips here and there in one of my favorite places

This bike rides amazing! Love it

all for now..... thanks for checkin in!

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