Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

Not sure who said it better - the cars, bb king or Louis Jordan:

Either way add a bike to a soul and Good Times are bound to Roll!

Nate on the Hundo

Joe on the hundo

Guacamole on the hundo
Sean was actually ahead of the other two pictured- way to go sean you are a machine!

little e climbing up chimney gulch on a t.i.t.s. ride

top of lookout

Spikefest training better late than never- either way its gonna hurt this year!

Lubes, Joe and i headed up to kenosha to ride east on the CT (my first time on this sect.)
Views definately did not suck today!

Joe, runnin the monkey as a ss today- i think weve got him converted back.

Hard not to gawk at this all day!

interesting features in this rock

el mar is the ticket- but looking at it all day and its similarity to:
really really made me wish that stupid ice cream truck and that sadistic tune it pings out all day long -would have rolled by right about now!

Long stretches of some dirt roads joined our dots on the map

Some 40 ish miles with one small mis calc- on the CT but hey we got a lovely little climb that we would not have normally had! ;)

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