Thursday, June 2, 2011

There is a sound.......

Like the sound of a new partially loaded Fargo on its maiden voyage
Andy breaking her in on a casual pace....

the sound of a gentle breeze under a blue sky at buffalo creek

The laughter on a t.i.t.s. ride and the constant banter about my route choice for the evening ( for the record -i like the climb up EM east! )

The pshhhh! of Scar cleaning a switchback that we all failed to clean

Then there was most likely massive noise with heavy machinery used to clear cut sections of Indian Creek- although appears to be mass destruction- all useable fuel just left to die on the ground. Im sure the long term goal of this will suit the next generation or one after that. For we are only here for a short time.

but there are still places where the dense feeling of being secluded and the sound of nothing but a breeze and maybe a small trace of mtn bikers breathing heavily.

There is also the sound not necessarily heard but clearly visible that ones being is coming alive again!

The joy in riding a "new to them" trail

This sound needs no explanation!

The joy in running into a trail angel and her husband offering up some cold water out of the westfalia just in time for the climb back up! Thank You!!

The sigh of relief or the sigh of realization that a long day in the saddle is almost over....

Turns out it was a sigh of relief as the last two miles were a bit painful but very much enjoyable!

Moral of this post - for me at least- take time to listen more and speak less! thanks for checking in!

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