Sunday, June 5, 2011

Put your helmets on and pass me a nut roll

My new trail snacks!! an old favorite yes, but i havent had one in a few years at least. Just sounded good- yep they are damn tasty and a good mixture of sweet salty goodness!!

What the hell is with "climbing" and not wearing your helmet- hit a popular spot today just because i was seeking a little bit cooler temps- i knew the crowds would be and issue but there is plenty of trail at 3 sis. Coming down EM east i noticed several people riding up with no helmets- i get it its hot- but on a busy day just Stupid! that is my .02 cents. take it or leave it.

Lost the pics of our bc night ride last week but all they would have shown was chad crashed out or passed out in the back of his truck- evil mGe flipping us the bird and going for barbeque and one fast guacamole keeping pace for a while.....i had to hurt him a bit......but in the end his epo'd enhanced moobs (hey that is his term) took control. We'll see if we can change that this week.

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