Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Does your bike speak to you?

Im not sure what it was about this particular ride- this day- but i saw this pic the other day and how i felt - dont know if it was the trail, being alone, the anticipation of a big ride the next day. Who knows but i was feeling it. There was some hiking as there will be with a singlespeed. There was some water crossings and some wet mud in the face fun. There was a Dale's consumed at the top. There were views. But there was this section, where everything was right.

so i put the gears back in a cabinet high in the garage out of view as not to be tempted. They will possibly go back on at some point. But for now my bike says stand up and pedal you pussy!


  1. I had not checked out the blog in a while, great pics (as always). I gotta get out for one of those epic rides someday!


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  3. Glad you're back.....the El Mar spoke to me, saying it prefers the simple life.