Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its just like riding a bicycle

Temps were down - down far enough i thought it may only be a couple of us out. But 8 sturdy souls made it out to pedal some green mtn. 7 of the mentality- "this is fun"! 1 of the mentality "f this im cold!" We have an interesting crew- lubes likes big jugs- what else can you say!

By the time we pedal our little warm up adjustments are sometimes required.

And at the top of that climb- more adjustments are sometimes required - this particular one had a sweet taste that deemed everyone adjusted.

I hit my first breather point a little sooner than normal- but still made that switchback. Put down a few stretches where the el mar and i trudged along side by side like the good ol days in snow too deep and crusted to over power. Then the power seemed to not be lost -like i feared it might. When you have no options you simply just ride- sure the breathing is a different kind of heavy. Sure enjoyed this ride as it did not suck in any way!

Evil mGe is taking a secluded leave of absence dubbed "training for work" however im calling it a front to become a riding machine and come back to d town to lay down a gauntlet and have us crying trailside! SO i may just have to stop using my weight set as a drying rack for wool clothing and ski gear.

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