Friday, December 16, 2011

the month of nite rides

Seems night rides are all there is lately- so you make the best of it.

all down hill from here
dirt was pretty amazing- frozen mud/ snow/ dry dirt = a happy crew

hops enjoyed it!

Stops were brief and pace was a little quicker- temp wasnt bad. Legs plugged along -what was a bitch with granny gear is a slower grind up that dammed fire road to box cut-off. But managed to not blow up- the noise the tire makes on that snow reminds me of days as a lift op with that frozen cable making its way over the sheave liners hauling passengers up the mountain. I miss those days as a kid sitting next to my dad at Geneva Basin. Sometimes a bike ride is more than a bike ride.

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  1. I'm determined to get out and ride with you guys in '12. Sadly, I'm going to be looking out a windshield for ~16 hours on Beard & Belly day... Don't cry for me TIT's crew....