Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day- deer creek spin

Totally lollygagged around the house, games cancelled again! ugh! I could do yard work.....or go ride my bike. So with that i was loaded up in about 10 min. and finally got to rattlesnake gulch about 11:00 or so. Alot of rain fell lastnight and wasn't sure how trail conditons would be, but they were nice and tacky! No mud at all. amber saw a bear up there this morning while she ran with the dog it ran right in front of her across the trail.

Many hikers out today and rain all around but i never felt a drop the whole ride. I did hear some rumbling as i was headed back up ply. mtn. and remebered back the time i got caught up there in some bad lightining. Should have ducked in somewhere and waited that one out, but i just prayed and high tailed it back to the truck. But nothing today except for friendly folks out and pristine trail conditions!! Did my normal 17 mi. with 3000' today as i didn't clean a section near the bottom and rode back down and did it again and cleaned it.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Way to go nuGGs!

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