Monday, May 4, 2009

Pueblo - pic heavy

View from south shore trail
Rock Canyon trail
Hooters was intense pretty crazy drops on that trail!

Got a little later than hoped for start! note to self: one margarita limit at Jorge's mexican restaurant mmmm good stuff! Got dropped off at Red Gate and of course left my map at home so had to wing it from memory which was a little groggy, but still found my way around. Got to the park rangers office and nice guy dug out a map for me. So back to find some rocky goodness. Easy climbs up to the top for some short but fun downhills. Except for the climb er hike up Watertower, decided that was best ridden down! Never found the wooden bridges must have been on one of the trails i didnt get to. Skipped the voodo loop just so i could get the 5 miles of road back to the game in time. Funny the things you ride by on the side of the road! Just enough to wet my appetite for another day of exploring. Trails were nice and tacky after the rains the day before and never picked up any mud! Not one person to be seen other than a hiker and two dogs off in the distance. Very nice change! Headed back for the first game of the day.
Moots was very happy to have come along with his kids, even though we had to sneak him into the room! Good thing he is behaved!

Cody pitched very good as well as being the solid shortstop he is! Two cool and drizzly games on sat. won both and they won their first game sun. which put em in the championship game and they lost that game but made a good comeback at the end. 2nd place in a 12aaa tournament when we are an 11 yr old majors team wasnt bad!
Ready to get some good rides in! Now that the snow has melted off and trails are in great shape on the front range.

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