Wednesday, May 13, 2009

deer creek

finished final touches on the museum and off to ride! Quick check on mtbr read that deer creek was good to go! don't mind that it is close too! Started at rattlesnake gulch did my normal route up plymouth mtn. and then to the scenic overlook. didn't really want to sit and rest so kept on rollin. down to red mesa looped that then reversed it and headed back to reverse ply. mtn. Surprisingly no down trees (all cleared) few wet spots just enough to wet the tires right before descending the wall. No problem, back down very few people and no rattlers! Nice to get out solo with no tunes just me and the bike! BC tomorrow night!

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  1. What up Holmes? Wheres all the pics from the TITS Ride at BC? Gotta get your blog lovin some of that tandem action that was out there. E and me are wishing you could be wish us for the Mini Tour De Mines. Only about 35 miles....I'll hit you up when we do the 75 mile version. Gonna be sick!