Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clear Creek County Adventure

Saturday started early meeting at Jeremy's house at 5:30! We piled in, sorry eric for the lack of a bigger back seat! We headed up to Georgetown to the Visitor Center. So off mGe , eric and i went!

We climbed up for a while on some path, some fire road and eventually some nice singletrack! Then back to some Fire Road to the remains of the Waldorf Mine. From here after some snack time and rest it was a chilly finger numb descent to our route down to Guenella Pass. And eventually making our way to Silverdale.
There were some narrow and sketchy parts on the Silver Creek trail above is eric.

Me on one of the wider sections! And some more random shots!

All in all a superb day in the high country and props to our guide mGe for showing us his find! You know i have lived here all my life and just drove by all the goodness that surrounds me in this wonderful state i have been fortunate to live in my whole life. But it takes a few guys with adventurous souls to get out and explore it and show me around. Thanks alot! What a killer ride this was and am looking forward to many more!

Ended up with around 36 miles and +4720' took about 5hrs and 10 min. of ride time.

There were photo credits due, but can't sort out whos were whos so eric gets credit and jeremy gets credit as well as pbr! Thanks guys!! still smiling from that one!

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