Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bc with spike and nick

Sun am ride:
7:30 start meant getting up a little earlier. I was running a tad late but still made the ranger station at 7:35 geared up and headed out. Clouds looked to threaten but never did!
I think i found one of my new favorite climbs in the BC area one of the best for scenery that is for sure. I came up with a new loop for a tits ride on the way up this climb this morning. Hope to try it out this week. Spike on the climb up Gashouse.

Low fog was hanging around and very humid this morning.

Haven't seen it this green up in BC this late in the summer in a long time!
Spike took us on some super secret connectors!

No pics on the CT sections as i was doing my best to stay ahead of spike glad he did a big ride the day before only way i had a chance of staying ahead. I climbed fast today legs felt good and lungs kept up, stopped once and it hurt more to stop so kept up the pace till i ran into Schnauzers on a patrol route so i talked to him for a bit. We regrouped and headed to shinglemill for a fast descent and kept spike within one switchback ahead of me. Nick was about the same behind me, all grins today. Beautiful day in buffalo creek. Thought about a high country ride but this was perfect good company and good pace! Still got home in time to go to the rockies game. barely....

Rode some 31 odd miles with +3660'

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