Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend riding

Took cody and his friend austen up to fying j for a little spin. amber ran with moots. Was austens first time on any type of singletrack and he tore it up. He's rockin his new bike he got. Cody rolled along on his bike that is a bit battered and used. The brakes drag a bit but that only makes his hockey legs get stronger. So i don't try real hard to fix em! :)

Nothing like gettin your new bike out on a trail!
Cody just crusin along

Hey geared bike got ridden today, just not by me!

Text ColorYeah, he had it buckled while we rode.
Good afternoon of riding for sure!! Time for some blue cow in morrison!

Made it by Scotts house for the bbq. good food and met some nice folks!

Sun. am met up with lubes and barker for a little waterton canyon and roxy loop. Just a mellow weekend of riding.

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