Monday, July 20, 2009

A little work on the CT

Terry from COMBA emailed me about helping out on sec. 1 of the Colorado Trail on sat. eve. Unfortunately we were done with the baseball tournament. So i told him i would join him. Since it was only him and it is a 2 man saw and nice to give back when you can. So we met at Waterton at 8:30 about 2 hrs. later than i would have liked but with his new baby schedule. I understood. Packed up saws and gear. I filled up camelback to 2 liters and had a bottle of mix. I just didnt eat anything except 1/2 a pbj.
We made short work of the road and climbed up to lennys and made our way to the first tree pictured above. One previous tree had been cut but this behemouth remained. I'm sure it would be fun to leave it for the technical aspect but it is the CT and equestrians and hikers use this trail as well. The CT race is headed out of here on aug. 2nd. and with all those bikes packed it would be hard enough to lift them over. So our work began, we cut through this tree with all the gusto! Then we dropped the chain to the bottom and then back on top almost through the tree bound our chain and it was stuck. With the two of us wrestiling it for a good hour. Greg came along who had ridden with us a time or two at BC. He Joined in and we worked like mad to seperate the cut. Finally two more guys came but scurried on by with a "thanks for doing this". Then two more guys dropped their bikes and did not mess around we all took a turn at the sawing and heaving finally we had this section cleared. They were running short on time so headed back. We rode up the trail a bit further and found the other down tree. THis one not as big. Ate a quick bite and started in. My water was just about out and mix was as well. Not good.

Had a better system and had this one out in no time. We opted to head back after this one. I was feeling the effects of running low on water and conserved what i had to get back on. It was shittin hot now! We ran into Josh and his crew headin out on the CT route. All riding the Nancy built up by DWF nice setups!! Weren't even painted up yet. Would love to have one of those in the ss version. Back up to lennys- ahh all down hill. Except for the fukin head wind coming out of waterton.
All in all not a big ride but worked my ass off. I am sore all over!

Got in a short little spin with mark on sat. wanted to check out a connector through ken caryl to get to morrison.

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