Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night of color!

Thursday our t.i.t.s. ride was back to bc, this is becoming our staple ride with mGe laying down his creation of a route. Little E was back with us and i knew the pace would be up with he and spike taking charge up the first little climb of 543, then back to 543 to shinglemill. Spike and e take off and i hung for a bit, then just tried to keep them within sight. But i tend to wander on the climbs and take in scenery. Never pulled the camera out but did manage to find a rock on the way up or Katelyns collection i have started. Why do i stop to add rocks to my pack?? The climb up shinglemill revealed green like i have not seen up there. Cary showed for this ride and was good to meet bob also from tennessee! Guy's an animal! After a longish rest we are on our way with the pace right back where it left off. Fast! That is e's only speed. Here is where the fun begins! Loose gravel and speed are a sketchy mix. Few riders went down with Jeremy's not looking good!

Knee has been a bit sore lately but felt really good tonite. Just need to ride more i guess! Jeremy likes to draw blood and taste the goodness the trail has to offer! I was descending fast but not crazy fast. I was not far behind the duo but wanted to capture some columbine shots.
Always fun to ride with miss maddie! She is fun to ride behind. She is crazy fast! On the way down Green Mountain i found Cary standing next to his bike with a puzzled look, his eyes were looking at me but somehow around me. He went down hard! After he sorted out his surroundings, we were rolling again. More bc goodness found us climbing baldy. With the lights on and riding my own pace found me just back from e and spike, after the top of baldy the evening just clicked for me, with every pedal stroke under my lights brought small explosions of color! Purple, yellow, red, orange, green then repeating. Looking up revealed a clear night with stars as bright as could be! Quiet and peaceful. I forgot i was climbing and almost felt like i was floating in the night.
Maddie just being maddie! The last descent of charlies, sandywash was loose but fast. Rolled back to the truck and chatted a bit had a cold Dale's! And the night was complete! Good ride gentleman and maddie.

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