Monday, November 16, 2009

friday the 13th!

Weekend of work allowed only a friday night ride but i will take it! Work is good and no complaints, except its cutting into my riding time!! Met up with mGe at the fort and hopped in for a ride up to bc. Sketchy ass drive with jeremy at the helm! We didnt really say it but i both think we could have easily bailed on the ride tonite. Content to discuss the ability to propel ones self forward, up hill and eventually downhill on a two wheeled wonder kown as a bicycle! Over a cold beer. But its BC we are talking about and this oasis that it is never dissapoints. The snow in conifer only picked up more and made visiblity almost zero. As we neared pine jct. what is this, still snowing. As we made our descent down 126 it started to lighten up. Once in pine, nothing! No snow, dry pavement now there was a small amount of dissapointment as this was shaping up to be an epic snow ride. As were gearing up the snow began just enough to wonder what layers would we need for tonight. Of course, in my bag no waterproof jacket. Only my trusty wool jersey and the heavy PI outer. Decided to go with both. 4 of us headed up 543 and hit the dirt lot and found e and jerry. Oh and least we not forget maddie! So the 7 of us head out on a snow ride.

Climbing sandy wash was the route and just as i thought overdressed! ditch the knee warmers that kept sliding down anyway. Downright hot now. But happy to be out riding at night with cool people! In fact very cool people. After a brief regrouping we get the last bit of climbing done by way of reversing Charlies, which was a first for me day or night.

Once we hit the top, just took in the quiet of the evening. E was challenging the local elk with a bit of bugeling of his own! We hit 543 by descending baldy, what a kick ass descent! I hit the real rooty section and just about endoed trying not to pinch flat. But rode it out. On the road we found some yellowish eyes and spotted a bobcat! Awesome! Then Jeremy caught a glimpse of what looked to be a mt lion. Near the same area spike and i saw what we were pretty dam sure was a mt lion. But it was out of reach, even of the amoeba lights.

This photo (above) kind of sums up the feeling at this point of the ride. We had just climbed morrison creek and were just sitting on the ground chillin out when we see a faint light. It appeared to be just over the ridge from where we were. Then it went away and a few moments it looked to be headed our way and a bit closer. Someone laughed it off as Jason. Being fri. the 13th and all. I then had those images in my head and was ready to roll. We didnt waste any time and Jerry volunteered to be in the back. It wasnt gonna be me! I am not the fastest descender nor the slowest. So i found myself in the middle alone ! Again more images of jason in that long coat toting his machete. All at the same time feeling like a kid on this sweet descent and stellar trail conditions. Back to the images, back to grinning and hanging on to the bars as my front tire disappeared in more than one corner. That is BC riding at its best! All too soon we are at the bottom and laughing again!

Maddie wasn't scared she just wonders why we are always stopping! A quick drink and she is ready to roll again. Great ride was had and conditions could not have been much better. Till the next time were back up there.......

thanks t.i.t.s. crew!

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