Sunday, November 8, 2009

more pint 2 pint

few more

This is what most of Enchanted looked like
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Those that skipped it missed out imho!

Then back out to apex trail where more snow was found. Came around a corner to find a horse coming up trail and stopped and she waved me through and after asking she said come on by, very polite and nice as well as all hikers i yielded for. After that passed Torkima changing a flat and passed some folks that never passed me, i guess they rode down apex. I rolled all the way to the bottom parking lot, only to remember Ithnu was gonna be at the upper lot below dakota. Cranked up there and got my mid ride hydration requirements ! Torkima rolled in and we headed up dakota and super conditions once past the very skiable stretch.

Ahh, the top glad box o rox is over. Sticking with the "planned route" dropped down the spine and hit the sol terra trail around to the front. Rolled this with Torkima and rich?
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Hit Ironworks and ordered my pint!

Thanks FT for puttin this on and thank you to Ithnu and your better half for helping out with hydration duties! Terry you were all over the place and i cant wait to see the footage from the top of lookout with you filming while driving! Glad i didnt endo when i hit hat snow drift! Good times! for sure!!


  1. Glad you had fun. My knee was still pretty iffy on my frinday night ride, so I opted out. As it turned out, I had to babysit kiddo's anyway. Was that Sonya in the twin6 jersey?

  2. thats who i thought, but she was wearing yeti beti spandex. And riding a yeti. Not a Rotwild/ Ergon beast. Who ever she is she's fast as shit!