Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to the big green hill

The Amoeba lights up the shitter quite well!

Headed up the path to the trailhead chatting it up and legs are feeling a bit sluggish, they'll get going. Well decided to go up John OOOOO Hayden trail figuring it would be the driest I just hate this climb i like the alameda start a little better. Its just one in your face climb followed by a couple shorter ones. I am just being a nancy boy tonight as anything going up was going to be shit! I haven't felt this sluggish in a while. I'm blaming it on turkey day and being lazy lately as far as riding. Just working!! blah

So evil Jeremy took the reins tonight and i was happy to hand them off. If eric or spike would have been with us it would have been a little easier cause i would have just got rid of my lunch right away and got it over with. Then just try and hang on. But i eventually chipped away at his lead and got within spitting distance and saw how hard he was working and breathing like a madman. So i backed off and let him gain the summit on this late November warm evening on Green mountain ;) That was the only time my legs felt good all night. Looking at options and trying to avoid mud was our goal and ride as much as we could. Went down the spine and over to the fire road and began the climb and saw a distant aura that could only be the glow of an Amoeba light. It was Jake and he cought up in no time. After a brief vote - "all in favor of going up the fire road say I" Crickets chirping

That was that and we headed to sol terra. Another hike a bike for the ssers terry made a great effort and almost cleaned it.

Coming down the last section before the green mtn. trail I found a light pointed back up from where we came. I thought jeremy was trying to identify the native grasses and that he did! Mini yard sale and he was up in no time, little handlebar adjustment and we are off and running again. Back to IW for a cold IPA. Schnauzers band was playing at buff. rose in golden so i was talked into going over for a bit. Ended up quite a bit but was fun and they rocked the house!
Long story for just a short ride but with just one a week lately have to make it worthwhile. New rule: post ride activities should never last longer than the ride itself.

Big Thanksgiving tournament for the boys this weekend GO HAWKS!!

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