Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pint 2 Pint 09

My version went like this

After the gathering and the pre-ride beverage or beverages. 1x1 said oh man you better have two bro- we did. Then all the sudden troops are rollin out so it was a down the hatch second pint and on the bike. Casual roll up the path and under the hwy. then the nice little climb up. I had never ridden that section before joining with the normal chimney gulch trail. Usually start at the landing zone. After the "pro field" broke away seriously pro riders in the pint 2 pint? Couple of em were on trainers near the start. So i cranked away and found myself riding solo. Wait-- Jason how'd you get past me?

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Found Terry several times with the camera rollin! We decided i would try Enchanted and glad i did. Snowy at the top few hundred yds or so, i pretty much planned on a slog through the snow at this point and figured this would set me way back. But around the next corner moist trail and i mean perfect dirt. it definately was flowy! One more snow section and across the sketchy snow covered ladder. Then more perfect dirt. Funny I could only see one set of tracks in front of me that were fresh. Guess the pros opted for the gut of apex.
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