Thursday, February 4, 2010

nite ride out -day ride in!

Met up with Scott (nabbed your photo!) and we hit lower GM around to Zorro. "your gonna make me ride dakota aren't you?" "yep" he says. ok only one way to gain confidence again. I'm fine on the climbs and the descents although a little slow. But the technical has been handin it to me lately. Today, had an earbud in with some music goin and felt it a bit more. Rolled alot more that the other day. Let go of the brakes a little more and most of all was smilin! ;)
Headed back to GM temp went down some and climbed box o rox. With the wind at our backs we wound our way down rooney over sol terra and back to the TH. Then lubes rolled back to his house.


  1. Had to get you back on that buckin' horse!
    The longer you shy away, the harder it'll be to get back into the groove.

  2. I agree! Just hit that shit and trust yourself!