Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rare Tuesday nite ride

Dave from Redstone came down with a bunch of his crew and joined us for a spin on green mountain. A spin it was as we clipped along at a good pace between the regrouping stops. Mild temps and clear sky made for great riding conditions!
21 riders in all! one of our bigger turnouts. Although we didnt get rolling until about 7:15 and with breaks regrouping got back to Ironworks near 10:30 then ordered up some food and had a cold pint to wash it down. Then some good conversation about future rides and past rides. Alot of exploring out there to be had!

Legs are coming around slowly just in time for an 11 day break coming up here in week or so. Oh well just have to get back after it! Maybe bc will be ready soon. Wantin to get back up there pretty bad.

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