Wednesday, February 17, 2010

little update

Boys just played a few scrimmages with a very busy schedule. Which keeps us on our toes to meet the bus and be on time for everything because as we have found out the bus will only wait for the boys if a parent is late the bus leaves. better be on time! We have not missed a bus yet. But it does not allow much room to just kick it and explore too much. We have skipped a few things just so we could check out some things we were set on seeing. Beers are about $7-$8 each at most restaurants so i have skipped out on those! Did go to the Ramparts game lastnight, the local Junior hockey team owned and coached by Patrick Roy. Our billet family has been so nice and good to cody and his teammate austen. They have come to watch all games and have fed them well. They even brought coffee and donuts for our whole team parents for this mornings game. Very gracious family. This mornings game was game 2 of the tournament. We were placed up against last years champion of the tournament. This team has played in 50 of the 51 years this tournament has been in existence. They are an all star team which gets kids from all over and build it just for this tournament. They have paid coaches and huge sponsor money! They have made it to the finals the last 4 years and they are Sandbaggers and should be in the AA bracket. We are AA at home but are considered B for this tournament which would make the Hershey Bears a AAA team. So needless to say they kicked our ass! 9-1. So we are out of the tournament beaten by the Hershey Bears from PA. Now we have two scrimmages a day for the next two days then one a day till Sunday. We hit the tubing at Valcartier. Which was a total blast! Super steep tubing runs when you get 6-8 people all hooked together you haul ass!

Yesterday was a tour if the ice hotel Wow! amazing! this place was! My pics wont do it justice but it truly was amazing. Prob. pics up when i get back.

So we are here wishing our boys made it further if it werent for those shittin hershey sandbaggers! But our boys are getting an experience of a lifetime and some time for our family as well. My daughter and wife are getting their fill of the culture as well. Good time for our family too! Hit up a bike shop yesterday and was kind of like a bicycle village. Couldnt find anything i wanted to buy though. Still one i want to find that is supposed to be really cool though!

Hope you all are good! Ready to get back and get a ride in!


I have to add this bit, this is the by far the best jacket you could own! handsdown!

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