Monday, February 8, 2010

snowy singletrack

Met up with Eric , Scott and Jerry at GM. Been a long while since ridin with eric. Good to see you man! Havin fun on the climb right out of the chute. Never gets easier but a little better each time up. Scott decides to twist his bottom bracket cup out and head back down to fix it. So 3 o us trudged on not bad on the climb up the singletrack. Soon as we hit the road, ugh! Grind our way up to Rooney valley and a snowy descent down. We decided to head over to Zorro and on up to Dakota. Snow and slick rocks anyway made for a sketchy ride. I was clipped in maybe 10% of dakota and that was ugly! Rode some walked more, bounced on my seat with feet in the air a few times! Stayed upright barely!

Picked up some Chub to take to the neighbors for super bowl, glad to see the Saints pull out a win for them and the city of New Orleans.

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