Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lookin back on some Voo Doo healin

Headed to Pueblo last sunday,(slow in posting been busy at work). With the time change met jeremy at 5:30 am which was really 4:30 but oh well. Ridin is better than sleeping in. Roughly 2 hrs. later we were unloading in the cool temps and what looked to be the first in the lot. OF course who in the hell gets to pueblo at 7:30 in the morning on a sunday! None of the photos are in order but here was our morning.

We found this relic, (should have brought it home) at the voo doo loop. Did a little research when i got home and found out these were in a set of 64 that came out in the 70's with the whole broncos team (dad do you remember these?)

Its original state:

Riding with wilson!, about the first 5 pics i took of jeremy were either head cut off, behind a bush or this one. Pretty funny actually!

The highlight of the day was coming up on two bald eagles on several occasions, probably a couple sets of them. Again more research, female bald eagles also have the white head.
Being no more than 5 feet away from one as it took off from a ledge just below the trail scared the shit out of me but one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen!
Ramp into keyhole, stuck to mostly the xc stuff but played in a couple canyons on the rocks.
i believe this was my second attempt as the first one was lame, had to go back and get it. i did.

Just what i needed some saddle time and head clearing time. Jeremy was ahead of me most of the time so that gave me time to soak in the scenery and just ride. Close to 40 miles and 1700' (felt like more) Cloudy and cold but i didnt care. i was riding as were the eagles soaring!


  1. Nice! We rode on Saturday and bailed on riding Sunday (lame...). Gotta get out and ride with the T.I.T.S. crew soon!

  2. yah, me too! i post the rides then dont show up that is lame! ;)