Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meyers ranch

A little after work thursday evening spin into the darkness. The t.i.t.s. rides have been lacking lately due to shitty trails, being out of town so mostly just a few here and there with a handful of people. Still just lacking power and lungs. This evenings ride was short but good all around! Meyers is a sweet little trail with just enough climbing to keep you breathing hard, throw in some soft snow and you've got a full workout! Temps were pretty warm which softened things up. As the eve. went on snow firmed up nicely! Just in time for the descent! ;)


some down
basking in the glow of the amoeba!
Goat wheelie boy

285 down there somewhere
Jeremy brought our hydration
i convinced him the trail was this way and he found a soft spot!
Spring is to get the skis out at least a couple times that is lame! best backcountry is yet to come though!

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