Monday, March 1, 2010

it hurts so good

Little HR spin on monday after getting home from Quebec before going to airport to get cody.
nice packed down singletrack a quick 30 min. ride to get here.

then its on to the sat. ride from Cary's house. Starts off with a nice warm up climb out his front door. Not a bad place to live......Jeremy and his quickness
Sean and i photo credit mGe
jeremy sayin "go on get it" in his southern drawl
once we get past here should be good to go!
ok ok a little hike a bike never hurt anybody!

Today was a head clearin day, snow, hiking, some riding, more hiking and many laughs! The journey and the stuff in between is where its at! Didnt have any expectations today so was not dissapointed in the result.

That is until we got to the road-126- and headed back toward pine valley. The geared hammerheads were off and spinning and the lonely singlespeeders were left to spin away. Then there was one and more tome for the mind to wander. I think i saw and appreciated my surroundings more today than i have in a long while. Didn't matter if i was last but i was pretty worked when we got back over pine valley and making the 2 mile climb back to carys house. I have ridden this hill twice now and this was more painful than the first. Time to get my lazy ass back in the saddle and pedal, spring is approaching!

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