Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blow Me Down!

another windy night up on the green (er) brown hill for the weekly t.i.t.s. ride- and i say windy loosely. As in a previous post james peak was down right gusting. Then we get hit square in the face with F-5 winds. ok.....ive never lived in tornado country.......but i have had two brutal rides on gm with the wind- one was so bad i had to pedal down the fire road and could only get up to 5mph! no joke

Thursday night was no different- almost said F- it and turned around, but i had demo lights out being used and didnt want to be a puss. So trudged on- glad i did- once we got to lower box o rox things calmed down some. then rest of the ride was great! lesson learned dont be such a sally!

Nice little solo spin on GM this am nothing big just some miles.

Got the Stans set up tubeless with some specialized tires- just waiting on the el mar to show up! then dug through Jerry's parts bin for some bits i need to finish the build. (thanks jerry!) little frustrating when there is one in stock about 15 min. west of me and mine has taken over a month to get in. oh well.......

hope you get outside and enjoy the day!

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