Friday, March 25, 2011

Run to the Hills!

BC for last weeks t.i.t.s. ride was a long night! Played with a gopro for a bit- night shots didnt turn out.

BC t.i.t.s. night ride from PBR on Vimeo.

Here is the punched up and edited version with additional footage: edited by mGe!

BC was looking real good! snow in the trees of course but all rideable!
Got a later start and drove home in blizzard sideways snow bs! was a rough one- great st. patty's ride though!!

Job was becoming a cluster f*ck- so i packed up my tools and headed to evergreen- not sure what the conditions would be had about 2hrs. to find out and liked what i found! few snowy patches but all rideable. Dabbed on 3sis descent and lost a brake spring- but a good solid loop. Ready to get back up there real soon!!
This view never gets old!
er..this view!

sometimes i need motivation in the form of the varied colorful sugary carbs

Then there is green mtn. sometimes even mike n ike's can't motivate- or even stranny's- but with a group of t.i.t.s. riders who count on you to come up with a route every thursday that is different from all others- we came up with a route allright straight into the wind! stop you in your tracks wind- cause havoc on firefighters wind!
That is about all i have to say about lastnights ride! -but once out of the wind and down in jeremys traverse all was eerily quiet and the pounding in the ears was overwhelming and messed with all balance and control.

Gotta pound out some work in the next 5-6 days then its some much needed family time and they suggested moab- so count me in!

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