Friday, March 11, 2011

El Mar

Broke in the el mariachi lastnight on the weekly t.i.t.s. ride! For those that say tits? well it started as "Today Is Thursday Sweet"! it has been a downhill trend ever since! no pun intended! ;)

this bike is lighter than the ol bianchi 69er- climbs great- or i had new bike stoke going but only one in front was nick who was running a gear ive only seen little e run up the mtn! The power transfer is flawless! A few minor tweaks and it will be dialed in - first thing to go is that speed V saddle- ugh it may have been ok at one time but it felt like a big ol diaper under my ass!
Runnin the niner steel fork- powdercoated by BFN industries
This slider setup kicks ass!
Typical green mtn view at night!
Ride details