Sunday, March 13, 2011

Captain Jacks - and - some Salsa!

Jeremy talked me into some more springs riding- glad he did- Ive got a permanent reminder of my last ride down that direction. - but that did not hamper me today! Ive got a new bike to start getting used to!

Sean on the corkscrew? i couldnt quite turn it over to make the 3rd switch but was cleaning most of the short steeps. Gear feels real good and the bike climbs well!
This was our point to take a left for more singletrack!
Kip guided us around his backyard for his morning ride! thanks kip

More old closed tunnels as we made our way up to St. Marys.

Which consisted of some spring corn
and eventually led to some hike a bike- ok - a good stretch of hike a bike in those lower trees.
But the reward was a boblsed run down a mostly snow- ice covered trail with just enough dirt showing to get on the brakes. Ice was soft enough the it was possible for the Captain to grab without slippage! What a great front tire that Captain is turning out to be! ;)
(couple misc. photos "borrowed" from mge)

After this descent was the point where i needed to break from the group and head home- The descent on capn Jacks was a hoot-the threat of oncoming motos hung in the back of my head but only encountered 2 near the top.

Twisted around a bit at the end of the ride and eventually found the TH where i parked- with a minor detour of some offshoots.

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