Sunday, June 7, 2009

solo bc ride

It was a truly bluebird day! ok, alarm went off at 5:45 and i didn't leave the house till around 7:30 pretty weak i know! Was debating whether i wanted to fight crowds at 3 sisters or bc. I opted for bc as the terrain is a bit more spread out and thought i could encounter less people that way. I knew ysterday was the big equestrian event and apparently more today but i dont think it was nearly as big as sat. no big deal. Route selection was 543>baldy>down gashouse>to redskin>ct>green mtn. loop>ct>buffalo burn then reverse>ct>shinglemill>543>truck! 35 miles and +3470'

Was a sweet route basically a route we did on a t.i.t.s. ride but with the extra ct and buffalo burn loop added in. I'm pretty sure this is quickly becoming one of my favorite loops. I do like the sandywash descent but shinglemill is fun too! Down gashouse is just fun!

Past this gate several times and finally stopped to grab a picture.

Saw a fair amount of these today! 99% real friendly, just wish when i stopped they would pass on the trail and not 15 feet off the trail! Very minimal damage to the trails that i saw. Except for on the ct in the creek areas obviously lots of hoof prints all over. And one busted sign on the ct at the gate before the road. Wasn't broke thursday night. I could see a horse swingin his ass around and breaking it.

Enjoyed the sounds of nature a bit.
and the beauty, next two were on the buffalo burn loop.

Was a nice ride good pace my own pace! I had planned on taking it easy but ended up pushing myself and felt pretty good. Met a older couple with loaded bikes each pulling a bob trailer(no pic) just testing out there gear and did an overnighter looked like fun! Ran into Troy and don? shwingding and rob i think one of there buddies heading down shinglemill. If i had more time i would have turned around and joined them. But needed to get down the hill. Unfortunatley! I needed a good solo ride and today was perfect.


  1. I do like the solo ride. No pressure to keep up, stop when I want, walk the bike and not having to worry if anyone is looking....

  2. Nice bro...The solo jaunt to the desert was nice. Sorry I'll be missing ya this week. Wife is starting her new teaching skit for the next couple of Wednesdays again.

  3. Were back on for thursdays next week! BC!!!

  4. I've never seen it that green up there. Nice pics!