Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Had no set plans other than to ride this am. wasnt until i got up a little later than planned. Decided not to drive anywhere but grabbed the roadie down and aired up the tires. grabbed a bottle and headed to deer creek canyon. Ass a little sore as i haven't been on the road bike in a loong time. Roadies are a funny folk or maybe i'm just too friendly. Skipped high grade and just hit the top of the canyon. I knew if i made that turn for high grade, i would end up in evergreen and beyond and didn't want to be gone all day. Skinny tires were fun today!

The rest of the day consisted of driving up 285 and hit the coney island where we waited for an hour just to order, doh! They never seem to be in any hurry there. Hasnt' changed in the 30 some odd years ive been going there! Prob. never will. then drove up guanella pass to drive by the old stomping grounds of Geneva Basin, then on over into Georgetown where we were treated to some good ol I-70 traffic. The idea was just to get a drive in to the mountains, that we did maybe just should have reversed the route and maybe hit the blue cow in morrison instead. All is good and got to come home and see my sons 3 on 3 hockey team put a whippin on the other team!

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