Friday, June 19, 2009

catching up a bit

Last night was a good turnout for the t.i.t.s. ride at 3 sisters 10 total after Juth appears from the shadows. OF course now the pace is going up. With him, chad and spike pushing up the tempo. We started out together and hoofed it down to Muley tr. i guess the others didn't see us, sorry guys thought you were right behind us. Once again hitting some new (to me) trail. nice little climb up to top of muley that forced me to walk near the top.
Once at the top of evergreen mountain we found the rest of the group. And were treated to a show of electricity and rumblings time to descend. Decided not to put the rain jacket on doh! As it started coming down about half way down, small hail then some large and wet hail. Pulled over and put the jacket on just trapped the water in, but softened the blows of the hail. Dropped to the lower th and headed back out on hidden fawn. Back to dedisse trail and to the truck. Some 2600' and 16-18 some miles. New faces out was good to meet you. Jay was good to see you out, i know you needed that!

The last two are from a solo gaunt to chimney gulch over to apex, enchanted forest and up sluicebox and down pick n sledge the day before (wed.) solid ride then andy called was waiting at gcb for a cold ipa. thanks andy!

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