Friday, August 14, 2009

Bergen peak

Rick, Chris , Jay and myself made up the t.i.t.s. group this evineing. headin to bergen peak form bergen park. Got to our singletrack connector and it was closed off. So we hit the wide gravel path up to the goods. Perfect temps but still hot on the climbs. A high school cross country team leapfrogged us as we climbed bergen peak trail. Here is jay showin how its done.

Rick thinkin that pbr tastes pretty damn good. I made him haul it himself, not carrying 7 pbrs to the top of this mtn.!!

Was a short ride only 13 or so miles but some good climbing and i stayed upright through a section that had me over the bars lastime up here so i was happy about that! Toyed with hitting GM on the way home but the wind had me thinkin about an early evening and callin it good.

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