Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rides and Meetings

Thursday night ride consisted of attending the OSAC meeting in golden. Hit up GCB for a cold ipa beforehand. Gotta remember they fill growlers there! Meeting went pretty good. A little long but at least all parties got their say in the matter and suggestions for user conflicts and solutions at Apex Park. More here. Then Andy, Jason, Mike and i headed for Ironworks to park and ride up to green mountain. Loop i had in mind worked out good timewise. On the summit loop trail i rode within a foot of a skunk scurrying under the blast of light from my amoebas! I stood up and pedaled as hard as i could without getting sprayed. I stopped and waited to warn the others! That would have been a night out on the deck for sure!

I missed Mountaingoats ride on sat. to go up and help rebuild a deck in bailey with some help we got what we had planned done for the day. Was good to get outside and work on something other than painting. Carpentry is not one of my better skils but managed just fine and had alot of fun.

Eric, black n white and i headed up to buffalo creek early on sun. morning. Ridin by 6:45 thanks to eric for accomidating my short time frame to ride. I know that is hard to do on such a beautiful day! And it would have been real easy to just keep riding if not for codys hockey game.
Nice and mellow climb up gashouse and these two day a week rides well, thurs. was short. But would be nice to get out a little more. Once we hit the green mountain climb my legs felt pretty good and was hanging with eric, just glad he was out for a stroll because it was nice to stay with him for once. Black n White is always fun to ride with!

Just about 3hrs. even 22.5 miles or so and 2500' of climbing. Back home in time for the game.

t.i.t.s. ride this week should be good- bergen peak!

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