Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lost Creek

major storm rolled through the buff creek area earlier in the week and left some hellacious sand traps and washed out areas! So the bottom of gashouse/baldy was a mess.

Got a 30 min late start as we were waitin on a few to show up, and nobody at 6:35 so we rolled out. Leaving a trail of arrows and notes along the way. Spike was out on an earlier ride and left his own trail of breadcrumbs for us. Eventually we met up with spike and moved on. It was getting dark at nearly 8:00 and we had alot of riding to do yet. We heard some coyotes in the distance and as we strayed apart on the climb up the Colorado Trail the group in back encountered some aggressive coyotes howling and chasing them. They howled more and louder Jay (pictured above) was armed with his slew of cold beers but just as he was drawing them out the coyotes appeared in the form of a mountain goat(jeremy) and bad andy with grins on their faces. Jay said he thought he was going to get eatin so turns out he was going to drink the beer not defend himself! ;)
Took a break at wellington lake road enjoying the load we were carrying. Then on to the rolling creek trail. haven't been on this before other than with cody and we didn't make it too far. He was on a 1x7 back then and didnt want to climb out of there. So all new trail at night is even better! Lush and green a few creek crossings and then the wilderness boundry and no bikes so we take another rest and chat enjoying the calm night and bright stars with an occasional vew of the half moon.

Got to the top of the gashouse/baldy intersection and we are laying on our backs looking upward taking in the quiet i pulled 1 last cold pbr out of my pack and cracked it and the pressure release got the attention of the other 3 riders. OF course id share it with all. We regrouped and headed to charlies cut off. Jasons light went out, i knew we were pushing the 3 hr. limit on our batteries. I had mostly used the bar light and only the spot on the descents so i felt pretty good mine would last and they did. Sandy wash was a washed out rutted mess! It made for some interesting maneuvers to stay upright and i took it easy and rode them all out, no crashes!

Got back to the truck at a little bit after 12:00 am. That is a long ride from starting at 6:30 lots of stops and breaks but a good ride! I was feeling it. some 32 miles and +3600'

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