Sunday, August 23, 2009

friday night at bc

We are just so lucky to have all this within a 40 min. drive from home. Even though home used to be about 15 min away. Spike makin quick work of lower sandy.
Not sure if that was the score of my wheelie that ended oh so wrong or Jerry just happy to not be riding the leadville 100! Way to get that 4th buckle my friend.
Brenda is happy to have a new Karate Monkey frame! Just don't break this one!
Cary joined us and officially kicked ass on his new yeti! And miss maddie wonderin why we are stopped again!

Cut our original plan a little short due to a few things but that is mtn. biking and made a group descision to try again next week. Hit the new reroute section and found some more bc goodness. There is so much terrain that makes for perfect trail building and routing options that just make sense! Can't wait to hit that again. Got up past the creek crossing and we all just kind of stopped and started looking up at the stars and probably a full minute passed without anybody saying anything. Just enjoying the clear night and stars as bright and vast as you could see! This is what it is all about not how long a ride or how much we climbed but just bein out and doin what we love! Hangin with you guys and of course the Dales at the end wasnt all that bad either! Headin back up for round two next friday!

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