Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cowboy up

Hit some new local stuff yesterday, cowboy up is the first section that heads south off of East West trail. Which will eventually connect cherry creek and chatfield. Everything in green is new. you can click on the pic to get a larger view.
Did a good job on all the signs warning of tight turns which there are plenty of. Nothing technical at all pretty much buff dirt but has a lot of whoops to keep the speed down. Imagine one long pump trail is basically what it is so its pretty fun. Just enough uphill to keep the legs going! I pretty much hit everything twice and looks to be about 5 mi. or so of new trail.

ran across a pretty fresh pile of scat that looked to be bear, full of hair and scrub oak and berries so that is all i can imagine it was from. Prob. from earlier that morning. This is a trail that is only open to hr residents, and on weekends im sure they will be checking cards for a while. Not a bad little loop from the house came up with about 23 mi. and about +1600 for the morning. No rattlers but definately their enviroment! Saw a few options for some good downhill only trails if they are open for suggestion.

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