Monday, August 17, 2009

plans change

lack of pictures but no lack of fun! It may be me or the camera not sure. Met up with Jeremy at 6:00 on the alameda side of GM and took lower loop over to catch Bad Andy who overslept tried to pull a kevin and bail. But Jeremy had none of that! I was still a bit sore from shleping boxes the previous day, not really but sort of.

Took dakota ridge down to the road and on into morrison after a rather lengthy flat change by me. What 2 in two years of riding and these guys are all over me to go tubless, im on it. Stans or ghetto set up real soon!

Worked our way over to mt. falcon and began the grind. Some guy walking on the highway up mentioned we were crazy that it was freezing out. ?? GUess he doesn't know we ride in Jan. when it actually is freezing out! Been a while since ive climbed falcon and it hasn't gotten any less steep! Just a little less rocky near the top, booo! We did a quick parmalee loop and old ute then headed back to the ruins where jeremy broke off and i decided to stay out a little longer. Andy and i hit pence down to lair o' the bear where it was some slow going as it was getting busy at the bottom. Then out to the highway and a descent into morrison with some path back up to gm around and back to the truck. somwhere near 38.5 mi and +4820' good ride! Gotta do this a little more often. Planned on headin to bc on sun. to build some trail but didn't happen. Thanks to all those who went up and worked!

Worth watching!

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